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    How can i buy a Ltd or Limited or Inc company name for a Social network website

    Hello experts!

    Can anyone help me to guide me the right path? Basically i have developed a social network website that users and we also can make money with the site. We can earn money by having advertisements, placing competition, etc.

    The problem now is we want to register incorporate company name but i don’t have any of idea how to do because i am living in UK. So can anyone tell me how can i register an incorporate company name and the website where i can register these incorporate company name? If i register my company name with Ltd or Limited company, do i have to pay TAX? End of the day my website is not selling physical goods and all the server will be based on USA. So do i have to pay tax from the earning/profit? If i have to pay TAX how can i avoid paying TAX? Please help me. Thank you.
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