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    Where can I find a form processor script with 'preview'?

    I've been scouring the internet for a week now looking for the best option.

    I'm trying to make an order form for a site and I need it to show a preview of what you filled out right before you send it. I also need it to email the data in a decent format. This form will have mainly small text fields that you would fill the quantity in.

    I found 'Form Processor Pro' but I've seen bad reviews and there doesn't seem to be much support. I need something easy to install too and this one doesn't seem that way.

    If there is something that can make good forms too that would be a bonus. I HATE making forms.

    EDIT: I found which says they have Preview. I have messed with this before. Has anyone used this? They host the script and stylesheets remotely though. How can I edit the CSS? The preset styles they have are uuuuugly.


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    I use an older version of Kmita Mail for the contact forms on my websites and it looks like their newer versions offer a preview feature. I've used this script for years w/o any trouble and it was very affordable too.

    I'm not sure if they offer a preview or not, but you may also want to look at sites to help you create forms like and




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