Hi Everyone,

I am implementing a website which uses Yahoo Maps, and requires a fairly complicated AJAX update process after user input. I would really like to lay out my plan to get everyone's opinions on.

There are 4 core sections on the page:
1) search form
2) results div
3) yahoo maps div
4) more information div

new search scenario:
1) user searches for a term
2) (ajax)
i) search and get results in JSON format, update results div
ii) researches and get results in geoRSS format, update yahoo maps div

more information scenario:
1) user clicks on a particular result in results div
2) (ajax)
i) zoom into location on map
ii) fetch more information in JSON format, update more information

I am fairly new to AJAX, and not sure if this is the best way of doing things.

I am going to use jQuery as my JS library. For the curious, Ruby on Rails is providing the RESTful backend.

Any comments and suggestions is greatly appreciated.