The World of Necrotania is a Fantasy and Science Fiction writing community that I have been running since around 2002. Back then it was just a few simple HTML pages for me to host my own stories. Now it has evolved into quite the community.

A bit about the back-end of the system. The story section is run on eFiction. It is a story archive script designed for Fan Fiction, but it make a great general writing archive as well. The user database and community sections are handled by vBulletin, connected to eFiction using a custom bridge that I wrote just for the site. It provides a single sign-in for all areas of the site as well as shared templates to maintain the look for all areas.

vBAdvanced is used for the front page, with a ton of custom mods for story posting. The user profiles in vBulletin are also heavily modified to provide information from eFiction.

I would love to hear what people think of the site and any areas that could be improved. Like most web pages it is an eternal work in progress