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    calling a js function after ajax page load

    on index.php i have a tabbed navigation menu. when the "test" tab is clicked, test.php is loaded via ajax into index.php. test.php is a short php script and an html form. the script calls a db that populates the form fields - all working fine.

    some of the form fields should be tinyMCE textareas. im "applying" tinyMCE using the standard tinyMCE.init javascript function. problem is, its not applied on these ajax pages. im not sure where to place this tinyMCE.init function. i tried on the index.php page and in the test.php page but it doesnt work.

    i can call a function when the tab gives an onShow, it works fine with a simple alert("hey"); test but when i replace the alert with the tinyMCE.init function, it still doesnt get applied

    firebug shows no errors ... can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?
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