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    Image flash in IE, but not Opera or Firefox

    Hi, I'm working on a site, and noticed that when new pages are loaded (or re-loaded) in IE6 or IE7, the background flashes irritatingly as the background image is re-painted. This doesn't happen in Firefox or Opera. I'd like to find a way to prevent it in IE as well.

    Take a look here:
    Click around on the four big red links, or just refresh the page. In IE 6 or 7, the blue background will flash as the page loads, and the "The Logo" image will also drop out and re-appear as the page loads.

    In Firefox and Opera, the background and The Logo image are stable and don't change as you go from page to page. Any idea how to make those stable in IE as well?

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    I highly doubt you can fix it, it sounds like it's just the speed, and the way IE loads the page.

    Though, try adding position: relative; to the important parts of the page - it may help.

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    Seems ok on my IE6 but my connection is quite quick.

    You haven't turned image caching off have you (Tools, internet options, settings (then select automatically)).

    There is no need to add float:left to the html tag (I don't think I've seen anyone do that before ). In fact there is very little need to ever do anything to the html tag apart from setting margins and padding to zero.

    I would move your background image to the body tag instead and let ie5.x have a look in. There is no need for the 100% width on the html either.


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