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    Angry VirtualHost

    I have an Apache Web Server running here on my computer and I'm trying to get cirtualhost to work, but everywhere I post a message, someone replies but it never works. So I'm going to try here.
    This is what I want.. - My default website - My Port 80 Secondary Site

    This is what I have gotten so far from posts on other forums:

    Port 80
    Listen 80
    Listen 81

    # You don't need to specify port 80 below

    DocumentRoot "C:\program files\apache group\apache\htdocs"

    DocumentRoot "C:\program files\apache group\apache\www2"

    And this is my results:
    When I got to: it loads my site fine.
    But hwen I go to: it loads my site but it loads the site instead of the port 80 website. I have also noticed that when I change the DocumentRoot for the virtualhost it doesn't even effect it. It still uses the DocumentRoot from the other one (the one not inside of the virtualhost.)

    Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

    Oh and I did replace with my real ip address. I'd rather not give out my real one right now.
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    Chad Crouch


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