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    I need input from as many people as possible.I own quite a few .cc and .ws based domain names. Clearly, the US is .com "crazy." So, with the "inability" to further use the dictionary(what words are really left?), marketing departments of companies and consultants are developing made up words(e.g., to still "enable" use of a .com.

    My view is that .cc and .ws should be considered as second and third "franchises" in the domain name registration process and business of selling/using domain names.
    Here's my Q: for any of you out there, how can .cc and .ws become perceived as having the same kind of value as .com? We all know at least three burger franchises, so why not the .com, .cc, and .ws franchises? I've had some inquiries on some of my .ws domain names, but the public(and businesses) are in the dark about these useful TLDs. Their saleability is, therefore, on the much lower side, compared to any .com. So, has anybody seen newspaper or magazine articles on these? Television or radio reports? Anything of a mass media type?

    How can these TLDs become "everyday" TLDs like .com? Any comments or ideas, experiences, etc. with .cc and .ws would be appreciated. Now, .tv is advertising a lot and I own one name based on it. What's everyone's opinion about it? Thanks.

    Note Added on July 17, 2000: Asking for input: How will the ICANN announcement this weekend impact the whole TLD issue? How might it impact the marketing of .cc and .ws domain names?
    What new TLD(s) might ICANN be leaning towards? Thanks.

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    I think the three TLDs right now are COM, NET, and ORG. Those will be known forever, and I don't see anytime in the future when people will recognize the other ccTLDs. It's hard enough telling people my one letter ccTLD

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