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    Properties via source view, how to access according to book

    Below is an excerpt from a book I am reading. Prior to this paragraph it discusses how to use the properties window in design view. Then it tries to explain how to use properties via source view.

    The problem is I can't figure out where this insertion bar is. I press the space bar and I can't get properties to appear via intellisense. Can someone please point this out?

    You can also set property values by typing into the Source View. Locate the insertion bar within a tag

    and press the space bar to display an IntelliSense list of all the properties that can be inserted at the location

    of the insertion bar. Type the first letter or two and then type an equals sign. IntelliSense displays all

    of the legal values (if the list is finite), and again type the first letter or two of the value you desire. Finish

    by typing a space.

    Just had to be within a tag of code to hit space bar and make the intellisense pop up in source view.
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