I have been happily working away with Firebug developing up a webpage to put on the interpipe. I fire up IE7 every now and then to check things are looking ok (is it just me or is the antialiasing pretty poor?). My web 2.0 app (working fine in FF) has gotten pretty large by now, and when IE gives me the old:

Line: <random number>
Char: 1
Error: you have made an error
Code: 0

It makes me want to cry. My question is, how do you guys debug in IE? Do you have any tips or advice? I know there are paid-for solutions like http://www.ieinspector.com/dominspector/index.html, but is there anything free out there? Thanks a lot.

PS I called this thread "the phantom menace" because IE debugging is, like the Phantom Menace, crap.