hi guys,
i'm a project manager and am having such a hard time with contractors, i've had 2 on this project already and had to let them go because they had accountability problems, never met a deadline they actually quoted, then couldn't do things like making tabs functional, getting size consistent in different browsers, etc. We specifically advertise for experienced, advanced level contractors, then we show the selected applicants the work itself, and ask if they can do it, they assure us they can (yes, i know, of course) and then they just submit work that is subpar, and rely on us for help with, and identification of, all the technical and aesthetic details... this costs us time, money and patience, and its making me pretty pessimistic about the quality of contractors available...

any input on this problem? i'm trying to put feelers out in the industry among intelligent people to try and see where i'm going wrong...

our job ad:

xhtml/css expert needed - part-time, contract, offsite

This is a contract telecommuting position. We prefer to work with full-time contractors (no day jobs), and are only interested in U.S.-based individuals -

Our clients frequently have the need for quality XHTML/CSS work, and we want to add a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED, QUALIFIED and CAPABLE independent contractor to our resources for current and ongoing projects. We need someone that has significant experience with high-end development in a team environment, is accountable and available to regularly communicate with us about status, who can give accurate time estimates, and deliver accordingly with minimal need for corrections and tweaks.

You should have a great deal of experience and a high level of capability to use XHTML to create different modules in a very complex ASP.NET website, keeping functionality and size consistent across all browsers, building in functionality like tabs, creating unique container ID's etc., and eventually combining your CSS into one document that controls all the modules of the site. Also able to fully contribute intelligent and well-crafted ideas and solutions.

>>>This is not basic xhtml/css work, this is very complex and requires high-level capabilities and experience.<<<

Basic requirements:
. strong attention to detail, good communication skills, dependable
. experienced, can produce top-quality work with efficient timelines
. Work with design team to create standards-compliant, web-ready, XHTML code from Photoshop and Illustrator documents.
. Accurately capture web-based application interface flow, functionality, and visual components as designed.
. Ensure cross-browser compatibility and usability.
. Understand development process for large complex website applications (wireframes, annotations, comps, copy documents.)
. Ability to customize projects and perform under tight deadlines to meet client goals
. Proactively reports project status in order to meet client priorities
. Personal accountability and ownership of work
. Offering support to the project manager in client meetings and conference calls
. ***Be able to take direction, give accurate time estimates and predict when deliverables will be ready ***

Required skills:
XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Javascript

Bonus knowledge:

1. Address the requirements above in relation to your experience.
2. Answer the following questions in your reply:
*When exactly can you start? (we need someone ASAP--immediately)
*What is your hourly rate?
*How many hours do you have available?
3. Send 2-3 URLs of web pages/sites that hopefully exemplify your ability to do this particular job. Describe your role in each.
4. Please do not send resumes, no attachments

Note: All applicants who don't clearly answer ALL
of the above questions and provide URLs will be

We offer consulting and development services to improve the means and methods of technology application for improved business processes. We deliver innovative solutions for the most demanding requirements.

We do the best-quality work and deliver the highest level of service, and are looking for a contractor who can do the same.