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    [rails] Redirecting problem with grouped controllers


    I have all my admin related controllers grouped under Admin (for example I have Admin::LoginController and Admin::CategoryController). When someone tries to access a protected controller he's redirected to login page and the page he requested is saved in session like this:

    session[:goto] = request.parameters
    Now, that's all fine the problem arises after a successful login when I try to redirect user back to the original page he requested. I basically do something like (I also unset the session var and couple other things, but that's not important here):

    redirect_to session[:goto]
    Problem is that user is redirected to /admin/admin/category instead of to /admin/category. This is happening because Login controller is already in /admin and request.parameters hash :controller value has a 'admin/category' - and when redirect_to is called it uses a relative path and redirects user to /admin/admin/category.

    The trivial solution for this problem is to change :controller value to an absolute path (i.e. '/admin/category') or to remove 'admin/' altogether, but that seems messy and also I am not quite sure how it would work if Rails app is not deployed in server root.

    Does anyone knows any other way to do this?
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    The best way: Don't use namespaced controllers, use routing rules to add an /admin prefix to your non-namespaced controllers, and use regular :controller/:action/:whatever rules without worry since routes.rb will take care of it for you.

    The way you might have to do it now because changing your app will take too long: Set the :controller value to '/admin/category'.


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