Dear All,

Iíve been asked to look at designing a content managed property website was wondering if anyone could help me behind the theory of how I could do two things in PHP, which Iím stuck on?

Rental days

On the site when a user clicks on a property for rent they want a calendar to appear showing the dates that the property is available for hire, with the days itís not out for hire greyed out.

How could I make this content managed, so that in the CMS I could specify what dates the property was not for hire throughout the months of the year, and the days it was for hire?


In the CMS they also want to add features. IE have a page where they can add a feature such as swimming pool. These details are then saved in a features table in a mysql database

Then I also have a page called add_properties page, which each property details are saved in a properties table in the mysql database.

So could I get the add_properties page to pull out the content as a list from the add_features mysql table and then save the details it pulls out in the properties table?

If anyone could explain in simple terms if these could be achieved and possibly point out some links to some tutorials if this has been done before Iíd be most greatful. ;-)