I am planning to start a new site which will be a kind of ezine. It will contain reviews, articles, how-to sections and a wallpaper gallery and it might have an integrated forum as well.

I am wondering if it would be better to go with a CMS system or HTML/CSS. I do like the ease of updating content in a CMS, however what I donít like is the templates that are available for most of the popular CMS packages. Frankly I havenít come across a single template for Joomla or any other cms package that looks impressive.

Because of this I am leaning toward the static site, since it will not only consume less resource, but it will also look better and it will give me freedom to place different objects on the home page as I want. However it also means that I cannot ask my co writers to post articles and updating the look and feel at a later stage would be a pain. But it should be easier to SEO than a CMS based site.

What you think about this situation? Any idea which CMS would work well for me (I donít really need user management since its not going to be a community project). I just need to build a site that looks good, is easier to update and manage and not to forget easier to SEO.

If any one of you has come across a site/template for Joomla/Mambo that breaks away from the standard look than please let me know.