Hi there,

So I've been reading some stuff about the DOM and how Javascript accesses it, and I have a couple of questions.

According to some documentation I've been reading, when a browser loads a webpage, it creates an array of all of the elements of that page, and when we access an element of the page, we are using Javascript to access that element.

Is it possible to take all of the elements of a page, and access each element, and append it to a string to send with Ajax back to the server?

I'd basically like to be able to save the configuration of a highly flexible webpage so that users can reload their preferences (or use a cookie/session id to recall the users preferences for them) when they come back to the website.

My guess is that you would have to create some loops to loop incrementally through each node of the document array, check to see that it exists, append it to a string if it does, or end that section of the loop if it doesn't exist.

Anyone already solved this problem?