This is an experiment, and it may not work, so please bear with me as I work on this.

This is a game made solely for web development forums. It is a game of appraisal. The Price is Right for websites.

For each 'round', I will make up a fictitious website, give you some stats, and you email me your appraisal of what you think is the proper price for it. After 24 hours or a certian legnth of time, I will make a graph of all the appraisals and we'll see how close each of us got to the average.

Round #1 is a thriving new humor/media website. The owner shows stats that he is averaging 10,000 unique visitors a day, with about 22,000pageviews a day. Quite a feat. Not only that, but he has a licenced version of vBulletin with about 1700 active members, and 297,000 posts. Revenue is small because he just started putting ads on the site, but he says he pulled in $1,368 from adsence over the past 15 days (when he started putting ads on. The site has over a thousand videos in its archive, running on a hacked version of Mambo. The hosting costs are $800 a month for 2 Xeon Unmetered boxes at ev1.

To enter your appraisal, send an email to:
with 'Price Guess' in the subject.

I'll update with a graph in abuot 24 hours.

Happy appraising!