Hi All
I've been through Kevin Yanks excellent tutorial on how to begin building a data driven website - and I have based my databases on the Jokes one in the tutorial. But what I'm trying to do is put various stories into a database but each story has a author, genre, a rating, a category and so when I enter a new story into the database I want to add these different categories to the story so you can look up the story by either author, category, genre etc.
I've set up the tables to hold this information and I have constructed an admin page so I can input all of these 'things' which work all very well.
My problem is when I try to add the new story (with title, and synopsis) it adds it to the database but it doesn't update the lookup table with all the table ID's.
I'm sorry if I am not explaining myself very well but this is driving me nuts....
Can any body help!!