I have the following information in a file that is xml but contains no root element. This file is parsed with a 3rd party software to generated a final document. The problem is I have to parse some of the documents by myself due to certain circumstances and can't figure out a way to place the code below into a main xml file. I get the error - no root element invalid xml.

Any Help would be appreciated.

I found a way to do this in MSXML 3.0 with the property Fragment=true but I can't find the properties in version 4.0.


ASP Code
sub updateXML(xat, byRef node, data_tag, byRef xmlDoc) 	
 	Dim xmlXat : Set xmlXat = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0") 	
 	xmlXat.validateOnParse = false 	xmlXat.load(xat) 	
 	if   xmlXat.parseError.errorCode <> 0 then 		
 	    Response.Write "Error with " &  node.attributes.getNamedItem("data_tag").text 
 		node.appendChild xmlXat.documentElement 		
 		call updateDataTag(node, data_tag, xmlDoc) 	
 	end if 	
 	set xmlXat = nothing 
 end sub
XML Code
 <PF_Para_Base line_spacing="16.000000pt" auto_line_spacing="false">
 <_char font_size="18.000000pt" font_name="/Arial Black">State-of-the-art tools.
 <PF_Para_Base line_spacing="11.000000pt" auto_line_spacing="false" font_size="18.000000pt" font_name="/OfficinaSansEF-Book">
 <PF_Para_Base line_spacing="17.000000pt" auto_line_spacing="false">
 <_char additional_letterspacing="-0.010000em" font_size="11.000000pt" font_name="/AGaramond">Technology is 
 <_char additional_letterspacing="-0.010000em" font_size="15.000000pt" font_name="/AGaramond">changing
 <_char additional_letterspacing="-0.010000em" font_size="11.000000pt" font_name="/AGaramond"> the way REALTORS® manage their business. That's why Edina Realty developed ProKIT, a strategic tools package, to 
 <_char additional_letterspacing="-0.010000em" font_size="15.000000pt" font_name="/AGaramond">enhance
 <_char additional_letterspacing="-0.010000em" font_size="11.000000pt" font_name="/AGaramond"> and
 <_char additional_letterspacing="-0.010000em" font_size="15.000000pt" font_name="/AGaramond"> improve
 <_char additional_letterspacing="-0.010000em" font_size="11.000000pt" font_name="/AGaramond"> your real estate business. From Internet access to Microsoft Office products, ProKIT offers everything you need to run your business effectively and successfully.
 <PF_Para_Base line_spacing="11.000000pt" auto_line_spacing="false" font_size="11.000000pt" font_name="/AGaramond">
 <PF_Para_Base line_spacing="17.000000pt" auto_line_spacing="false">
 <_char additional_letterspacing="0.015000em" font_size="11.000000pt" font_name="/AGaramond">To find out how ProKIT can help you manage your business, call me today.