I recently became an associate to Shopping.com and I'm having problems getting their XML feed to "turn into" HTML. The XML feed URL is http://api.shopping.com/scripts/GSIs...yword-23509199 and the page that I'm trying to get it to work on is here.

I want it to look just like this- http://www.thetechzone.com/?m=show&id=214 (The top price comparison box)

The attributes in the XML feed needed to make it look like the example-
<store-logo> <-- The Logo of the Store
<offer-price> <-- Produce Price
<store-rating-image> <-- The Store Rating Image

I have no idea what-so-ever on how to format this and get it to work and I've tried looking at tutorials online, but I just cannot understand it enough get it to work. If someone could just code one of the store's offers, I could figure out the rest to do the remaining four. Thank you very very much and if you need anymore details or information, let me know.