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    Exclamation "PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic Library 'c:\php\ext\php_mysql.dll'"

    hi all,

    please solve this problem

    in my computer there is php5 and mysql5 is installed
    but this two does not connect with each other due to
    this error.

    "PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic Library 'c:\php\ext\php_mysql.dll'-The specified module could not be found."

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    This error drives me nutes every time I install PHP5 and MySQL 4.x.
    I am vague on the details, but I think I needed to copy php_mysql.dll and php_mysqli.dll from the PHP extension directory (in my case php5/ext) to my Windows directory to fix it.

    I know I have trouble with it because the error message is innacurate. It claims not be able to find a file that does exist.
    Btw, there is another method of PHP installation that doesn't involve copying files around like this. I copy the files as a carry over from how PHP4 was installed. If you're not using this method this post probably won't help you.


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