How can 6 different SELECT statements be made to call certain values from an ORDER, ex: value for row 2? There are 6 row values allotted per user. This occurs on an Update form.

Table: ContCat (many to many MyISAM table)

(int4) not null // relates to a user entity
Cat_ID (int4) not null // relates to a category entity

SELECT ContCat.W_ID, Contact.Cat_ID ORDER BY 'ContCat.W_ID' DESC (how to pull a row among the order, for example the 2nd of the 6 rows here?)

Which can be echoed onto six drop menus, in consecutive order 1 thru 6 for each drop menu appearing. (note: some Cat_ID values will have '0' as default so users who initially opted to only Insert 3 total values/rows could add more, say 3 more in this case, if they ever choose to. So all users have 6 values max. Also, there are 250+ possible values for each Cat_ID)

One of the Update drop menus:
PHP Code:
 <select name="Cat_ID">
<option value="1" <?php if (!(strcmp(htmlentities($row_Recordseta['Cat_ID']), "1"))) {echo "SELECTED";} ?>>1st choice</option>
<option value="2" <?php if (!(strcmp(htmlentities($row_Recordseta['Cat_ID']), "2"))) {echo "SELECTED";} ?>>2nd choice</option>