Hi all

I may be going over old ground here but I'm having a little trouble. Most of the work on rounded corners seems to be on boxes but I want to do it with a link to make it look like a button. I'm trying to replace the "buttons" on our site (www.lightworks-user.com) which currently uses tables to do it.

I started here:


But this didn't enable the button to stretch and I figured I could simplify this and remove a couple of div's. Also if I used nbsp to stop it wrapping it would stretch the button for me. I couldn't just remove the width otherwise it stretches the width of the page.

Here is what I have so far:


I'm not sure if it is better to post the code here so if thats easier please let me know. Anyway it seems to work fine in IE6 (SP2) but not in Mozilla/Firefox. I'm not able to test it in any other browsers at the moment but can anyone see any problems with this.