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    Been scratching some notes on an article for one of the online webmaster mags and was hoping to see if anyone had any comments or suggestions...

    I have been involved with helping many sites get off the ground. The ones that have been the most successful have been ones where a group of people collaborated on the creation and management of the site. I believe there are a few key reasons:

    Ghost Towns Are Easy to Identify

    Interactive components for a site can work for you, but they can just as easily work against you. When you go to a static site, it is generally difficult to know if the site is dead or alive. A few will include “last edited” information that serve as a tip, but generally it is more difficult. When you come to an obviously interactive site, it takes very little time to determine if there is a heartbeat.

    When a team or group shares responsibility for creating a site, the site has a core group of contributors that can keep it looking alive. Starting an interactive site from scratch and reaching a critical mass of participation is a very difficult process. The more people involved from the start, the greater chance for success.

    Successful Sites Are Hard to Manage

    When a site reaches 1,000,000 page views per month, the side effects of this popularity is a lot of email and a lot of content management. Sites that are managed in a distributed fashion can dramatically cut down on the amount of mail and content management a single person would be required to handle each day.

    You Can’t Know It All

    A team will beat an individual every time. When a group is involved in the design and management of the site, the site always benefits. A successful site is in touch with its users, and a distributed site management approach will make it more likely that you stay in touch with your site members.

    Community Begets Community

    When people go to an interactive site, they want to know there are real people behind it, and not just a BBS software someone stuck up. Providing pictures of area managers or even creating a “team page” with bios of each team manager helps send the message that the site is a community started by a community. When visitors see the team, it gives the impression that this is a worthwhile project that is being undertaken by a group. This leads to a lower barrier of entry for potential site members.

    Good luck,

    Bill Fisher
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    Looks pretty good to me. Maybe add something more to it, as it seems a bit short. I really can't think of anything else to say about it, but this post looked so lonely with nobody answering.
    Ed Rands


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