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    Hi guys....

    I have finally gotten around to creating a advertising kit for my site...

    I have all my rates set, different programmes etc...

    However I have one problem how do I recieve payment ?

    I am guessing it best to sue a UK company as I am in the UK and need to be able to contact people if things go wrong..

    As far as I can see I have two options......

    1) Go with a credit card processing company and offer an online form...

    Ie the company worldpay is based where I live and I think this seems to be what I would be looking for .. They have a good reputation but I am not sure if it is right for me..

    However I would prefer to work perhaps a bit cheap than this as I am currently unsure of how much the site is going to make etc...

    So is it acceptable to ask for a cheque to be sent to me ie made payable to Daniel Clough and when I recieve the cheque I then show their banner for the payed amount of time..

    Only problems I see with this is that firstly they have to trust me anbd secondly making the cheque out to an individual and no reference to a company may seem a touch dodgy..

    So how do I work it ?
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    All the sites I advertise with put the banner up on the promise of receiving payment. Since I get payment out ASAP that's not a problem.

    If you want to say the ad starts upon receiving cleared payment I don't see anything wrong with that either.
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