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    Hi there.. I'm sorry about this, but I've been staring at this little piece of code for 1 hour and can't get it going.. I should know this already, but if anyone can please tell me how this is done I will be eternally gratefull!

    I need to extract a word from a URL into a variable..
    The "REPORT" part is what I need in the variable. I think the forum chops up the URL, so look on your status bar for the full link example.

    I feel foolish, but thanks for this.. I'm just having a brain freeze.
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    I am assuming someone will be clicking o nthe link and you need a php script to get some part of the requested URL if this is the case you will need to use Apache modrewrite or seomthing similar if you just need that portion of the url, and it will always be in that position you could use
    $url = "";
    $data = explode("/", $url);
    $var = $data[4];
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