There is a site that I login to, it uses a secure connection (https), and contains information that I find very useful, but I cannot either 'save' the page, or do a copy/paste (JS has disabled this), or do anything to save the information locally.

There is no button to 'save the details' locally, only a 'print' feature, and so I had to resort to 16 screen dumps. What a waste of time.

The window/form is not like the 'normal' form in a browser, no menu functions, no buttons, just display the information. There are links and buttons within the form of course, but none of those help me store the information locally. I assume they are doing something like this

 <script language="javascript">

Surely there is a method to store this information locally, even the html code would be useful (more useful than screen dumps). I use Mozilla, what about using Javascript Console or Java console whilst the windows are open, would this be able to log the details locally ? For some reason, the details are not in the browsers cache either.

The information is about me, so I see no ethical reason why this can't be done; they do allow printing, but I need to reconcile a lot of these records and don't intend to enter if off a printout, or sit there staring at screen dumps.

Possibly something can be running at the same time as I'm using the browser (Perl, Delphi ??).