OK. I'm new to PHP and I've got a few questions. I'm trying to follow the tutorial on 'Building a Database-Driven Website Using PHP and MySQL' and I just need to know a few things.

1) How do I put my MySQL access settings in an include file and then call that file from where the MySQL connect string would go?

2) How can I make sure that you can't put select statements and that kind of stuff in the URL line? Is it even possible for people to do a custom select statement from a PHP script or would you have to use a bunch of variables for that?

3) In my database, I'm trying to store a list of articles. Each article has a 'Title' and a 'PostDate' column. Additionally, I have an 'ArticleLookup' table that stores what the author of that article is. How can I query for a list of articles by a certain author and have it return the titles of the authors last 20 titles?

Thanks for answering these questions, however simple they are. I'm sure I'll probably have more later.