By Philip Miseldine

X# to Xen to C Omega

By Philip Miseldine

The ever-changing future programming language from Microsoft has yet another name, C Omega. You might have seen it as X#, or Xen in the past. C Omega’s research will introduce the notion of data access natively into the OO programming model. If you are tired of the hassle of using APIs to access XML and traditional DBMSs, and have wondered why a language doesn’t have the notion of XML and SQL ready in its core, C Omega could be worth watching out for.

It’s been hidden away, brought back to life, and had name changes galore, but C Omega could looks like it is paving the way for C# without XML or SQL classes, but with built-in functionality to handle data access.

For example, taken from the research paper, this is how we could, in future, handle our XML:

public class card {
string name;
string title;
string email;
string? phone;
logo? logo;

public class logo {
attribute string url;

public class Test {

static void Main() {
card c =
John Doe 456-1414
c.*.{ Console.WriteLine(it); };

Its fascinating research, and could possibly revolutionise the way we all write applications in the future. But do you think this the future, or is this just unnecessary complication? Add a comment :)

  • Shahab

    Very beautiful, hope it comes soon.

  • Swaroop C H (www.g2swaro

    I think Xen is an excellent idea. Not only will it make handling
    XML easier (even easier than XmlTextReader!) and databases as well,
    the XML usage and database queries will be validated by the
    language compiler as well! So there will not be any ‘invalid’ database
    queries, etc.

    Also, Xen allows the programmer to think in a better way about the
    solution and not necessarily about which API to use (SAX/DOM) or
    which database to use, etc.

    The question now is when can we see it in action?

    – Swaroop

  • Nikobass

    Is there any documentation or articles about this new language available on the Internet ?

  • Little Lisper

    Just like lisp. :)

  • lb

    >Little Lisper Says:
    >October 20th, 2006 at 5:02 pm
    >Just like lisp. :)

    there’s always one!!

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