What You Said in the Week That Was

Sarah Hawk

Welcome to another installment of me telling you what it is that you’ve spent the last week telling me. I’ll be honest, the team at SitePoint HQ have spent the last few days away on an Innovation Retreat (in between drinking red wine by the fire and hitting golf balls, we put our heads down and came up with some pretty cool stuff which we’ll be unleashing on you in the months to come) so I’m a bit behind the 8 ball when it comes to general community banter, but I’ve managed to patch together a few of the things that caught my eye today.

A couple of hundred of you came together to Talk HTML5 with the Experts and the session was awesome. Thanks to all that took part, and I hope to see you at our upcoming session, at which we’ll be talking CSS Layouts with the Experts.

This week’s Caption This! had you taking the mickey out of my family of Macbook Airs over on Facebook. It was one of the hardest to judge to date – here is a sample of some of the pure gold that you came up with:


Twitter was all a-twitter this week with (surprise surprise) the standard disdain for Internet Explorer. 82 of you thought this one worthy of retweeting.

Over on the forums we have just awarded a Golden Post prize to scottymack for going above and beyond the call of duty when answering a question in the Web Content forum. He’s taking away a free book for his troubles.

I’m always keen to hear YOUR ideas when it comes to things you’d like to see us do. Aaron Carney came up with this cool suggestion for our Facebook community. What do you reckon?

And last up from me for the week is a teaser. I’m going to be sprinkling a few giveaways around on Twitter this coming week, so if you’re signed up, make sure you follow @sitepointdotcom. If you’re not, maybe it’s time you were… ;)

Anyway, I’m gone. Take care out there.