The BuildMobile Muster

    Paul Bridgestock

    So the Financial Times announced a new FT Web App, and they are playing up the ‘app’ angle, it fully integrates digital subscriptions and you add it to your home screen. The New York Times story picks up the thread about The App Store forcing business constraints at the publishers displeasure, and the FT spokesperson admits to a risky strategy. More on this further down.

    Overwhelmed by the news coming out of WWDC last week, the Muster failed to materialise. Apple Introduces iCloud then Steve asks Cupertino City Council if he can build a Spaceship Shaped Apple Campus. Also, there is OS X Lion and there is iOS5. Darling of the interwebs Twitter, deeply integrated into iOS5, will Apple buy them?

    Parrot’s AR.Drone Helicopter Controlled from Android and Bada and Symbian, in addition to iOS. the AR.FreeFlight app that enables flying the AR.Drone should be available in July 2011. And look ma, No Buttons on the Google Nexus 4G. Gruber thumbs his nose, and also tells us that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 scores some reasonable marks, and that Acer Halves Tablet Forecast.

    Our man on the web John Allsopp takes a swing in The Native Is Better Thing Again (Sigh), and Gruber bobs and weaves with Not Sure What There Is to Sigh About. In related news Tim Bray goes pretty deep into the “Web” vs. “Native” thich, which is well worth a read, as are the links to further reading. This is shaping up to be the Topic of the Year. It continues…

    MG Siegler publishes his TechCrunch scoop on Project Spartan. The gist of it, is that Facebook is to launch an HTML5 based mobile platform, specifically targetting Mobile Safari on iOS first and WebKit based Android browsers later, with the intention of breaking the stranglehold Apple has on app distribution, and bringing Facebook Credits and Zynga Gaming to the mobile table. Read it.

    The wildly anticipated Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte hit the shelves. Cloud Four asks Where are the Mobile First Responsive Web Designs and it appears mostly that we are faking it. Consider the Mobile Boilerplate. Check out Tim Murtaugh’s HTML5 Reset. Hear about 320 and up way back when? See Mobile Debugging Tips and Tricks from ALA.

    If you know about all of the above stories, then you passed muster. Sure there is more news, and we don’t claim to cover it all. Add a comment with a link if we should keep for prosperity. Which leads us to the required reading section. Design Principles by Jeremy Keith. What we talk about when we talk about RSS by Brent Simmons. Read quietly, think big, and think long term. Until next week.