SimpleTest 1.0RC1 is out

    Harry Fuecks

    SimpleTest, a unit test framework for PHP has reached 1.0RC1. Marcus has a (terse) announcement up here describing changes. This also marks the road to a stable, 1.0 release (although it’s been pretty solid around the mainstream functionality for quite some time now, IMO).

    One thing I’ll have to try in due course is comparing SimpleTest’s web testing functionality with similar tools in other languages, such as HTTPUnit. Starting to get the impression that SimpleTest may stand on it’s own as an excellent tool for web testing, even if you’re not using PHP. Now if someone could magicallly produce a PHP extension based on SpiderMonkey

    There’s also a chance that SimpleTest may be integrated with a well known PHP IDE. Nothing concrete yet so I’ll keep quiet for the time being but great if it happens.

    Anyway, thanks and congratulations to Marcus, who became a father recently, so this is all the more impressive (time management? No time for that!)

    Update: by nice coincidence, PHP Magazine have published an article Marcus wrote a little while back, free for all: Coding a Login Box Shouldn’t Hurt – looks at SimpleTest’s web testing features.