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ScriptServer 0.3

    Harry Fuecks

    ScriptServer 0.3 is out.

    No exciting changes again – mainly cleaning up the way errors are handled.

    Do have a couple or more interesting example online now;

    Server Side Autocompletion – the list of countries used to “autocomplete” the form field with lives on the server and is read by PHP. The example also shows how HTTP Basic authentication could be used to provide simple access control. Delays connecting to sourceforge shows the problems with this approach; perhaps autocompletion is a bad example.

    Sourceforge Project Search – this is a variation on autocompletion. PHP scans the Sourceforge projects directories to identify projects by their Unix name then allows you to link to the project page. Without information about the projects it’s kind of a lucky dip – in theory it would be possible to parse the project summary feed as well and display some useful info, not just the name, but in practice SF security policies prevents that from being possible. What this example is actually demonstrating is how to send both data and behaviour to the client – the server response is a list of projects along with Javascript function that embeds the data into any suitable HTML tag’s innerHTML property. Whether it’s a good idea is another question (violation of seperation etc.) but the example shows how show to extend ScriptServer’s PHP to JS serialization with your own.

    Otherwise Jason was kind enough to use the words Rocks and Scriptserver in the same sentence. Jason explains the problem it helped him solve, which may shed some light if you’re wondering what all this is about.

    Also I’ve put up a mailing list if you’re interested in getting involved (or just have questions). Anyone want to try hooking up Tiddly Wiki with ScriptServer?