Brett Romero, Aug 28

Watch: Combining Dynamic Strings with Python

Dynamic and changeable parts combined with string. This is what concatenation is. Let's jump in and see how its done with Python.
Microsoft Tech
Michael Oneppo, Aug 27

Build a Web Game in an Hour with Visual Studio and ASP.NET

Microsoft's Michael Oneppo goes through what it takes to build a simple web game in an hour, using Visual Studio and ASP.NET
Shaumik Daityari, Aug 19

Deploying a Django App with mod_wsgi on Ubuntu 14.04

Shaumik Daityari privides a detailed, step-by-step explanation of how to deploy a Django application for production using mod_wsgi on Ubuntu 14.04.
Abder-Rahman Ali, Jul 31

10 Time-saving Tips for Pythonists

Abder-Rahman lists 10 time-saving tips for Pythonists, from coding styles to using libraries and testing Python code regularly.
Parham Doustdar, Jul 31

The State of Accessibility in PHP Tools

Parham Doustdar talks about a much ignored issue in the world of coding - accessibility. Which tools do it right? Which ones do it wrong? Find out!
Brett Romero, Jul 15

Video: Conditional Flows in Python

In this short video, I'll look at how Python handles control flow. This consist of if/else combinations along with elif.
Monty Rasmussen, Jun 26

Easy Custom Web Servers with Dart and Redstone

Monty Rasmussen demonstrates how you can harvest all the benefits of Node.js (plus a few more) when you use Dart and the Redstone framework on the server.
Vildan Softic, Jun 15

Composition in Aurelia.io: Creating a Report Builder

Aurelia exposes visual composition as a first-class feature. Vildan Softic explains how this helps you build a complex app out of small reusable components.
Shivam Mamgain, May 29

SQLite 3 Beyond the Basics

Shivam dives deeper into SQLite after introducing you to the basics the last time around. This time, we look at transactions, queries, aliases and more.
Shaumik Daityari, May 27

How to Ditch Scheduled Maintenance

Shaumik Daityari explains how continuous deployment can help you leave scheduled maintenance behind forever.
Mal Curtis, May 27

Why I Love Programming in Go

I’ve been programming in Go for a couple of years now, and while it took a little warming to in the beginning, it has become my go to language of choice.
Shaumik Daityari, May 21

Why Bring a DevOps Spirit to Non-Engineers?

Shaumik Daityari explains how the principles from DevOps can help make the rest of your business work much smoother.
Mark Wong, Apr 28

Building a Simple REST API for Mobile Applications

Mark Wong shows us how to create a simple REST API using Python to feed data to an iOS application.
Vildan Softic, Apr 17

Extending HTML the Aurelia.io Way

Expanding our Aurelia Reddit client, Aurelia core team member, Vildan Softic, demonstrates how to extend HTML by leveraging custom elements and attributes.
Oltjano Terpollari, Apr 17

Virtual Environments in Python Made Easy

Oltjano shows you some hacks to become more productive in Python, in particular with using virtual environments.
Bruno Skvorc, Apr 11

Introduction to R and RStudio

Bruno Skvorc introduces you to the wonderful world of R - a programming language designed specifically for data analysis and plotting. Let's mine some data!
Peter Nijssen, Apr 01

7 Ways to Optimize Jenkins

From avoiding bloat to using the right plugins, Peter Nijssen explains how to make sure continuous delivery/integration tool Jenkins is working hard.
Tanay Pant, Mar 30

Understanding Two-way Data Binding in AngularJS

Tanny Pant demonstrates how you can use the magic of two-way data binding in AngularJS to respond to a user's actions with immediate visual feedback.
Shivam Mamgain, Mar 23

Getting Started with SQLite3 - Basic Commands

Shivam Mamgain introduces the basic commands of SQLite3, explaining how to use it from the command line.
Louie Bacaj, Mar 20

Build a Real-time SignalR Dashboard with AngularJS

SignalR is a library for real time websocket communication. Louie Bacaj demonstrates how to leverage its power to build a service dashboard with AngularJS.
Tim Evko, Mar 19

From Alert to Post-mortem: How to Manage an Outage with VictorOps

Tim Evko explains how VictorOps' tools — like its Transmogrifier and timeline views — can help a devops team before, during and after any incident.
Jacco Blankenspoor, Mar 19

How to Integrate APM and Log Management: Loggly and New Relic

Jacco explains how to use New Relic and Loggly to transform your troubleshooting and problem-solving workflow.
Abder-Rahman Ali, Mar 04

Which Code Editors Do Pythonists Use?

Abder-Rahman takes a look at the most popular code editors used by Python experts, and explains how to set up the most popular: Sublime Text
Peter Nijssen, Feb 12

Supercharge Continuous Delivery in Jenkins with Workflow

Peter Nijssen takes a look at the new Workflow plugin for Jenkins, which makes continuous delivery much more streamlined.