Taylor Ren, Jan 07

Developing PHP Extensions with C++ and PHP-CPP: Advanced

Taylor Ren demonstrates some advanced PHP extension development with the PHP-CPP library and C++
Design & UX
Jerry Cao, Jan 05

Usability Testing Goals: Knowing 'Why' Before 'How'

We all understand the value usability testing, but it's wasted if you're asking the wrong questions. Jerry helps you sort out your goals.
Wern Ancheta, Jan 05

Introducing eBay's Trading API - Setting Up

Wern Ancheta introduces you to the world of eBay's APIs - setting up an application, configuring a database, and preparing for building an eBay app!
Bruno Skvorc, Jan 02

PHP Tips, Resources and Best Practices for 2015

This post by Bruno Skvorc will list highly effective tips, resources and best practices for keeping your PHP projects secure, fast and awesome.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Dec 31

Checkboxes, Passwords and Magical Incantations

We program our computers but maybe they program us too? Alex looks at how working on the web changes the way we think.
Bruno Skvorc, Dec 29

SitePoint PHP in 2015: Future Plans

Editor Bruno Skvorc discusses where the PHP channel is heading, how it'll get there, and how you can help. But first, welcome some new authors!
Chirag Dodia, Dec 24

Magento Install and Upgrade Data Scripts Explained

Chirag Dodia will explain Install and Upgrade scripts for Magento - how they work, when they trigger, and how to modify them
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, Dec 23

Push It! Making Your CTA Buttons More Clickable

Whether it's article links, signups, or sales, most sites live and die on their ability to coerce clicks. Gabrielle breaks down the DNA of a good button
Bruno Skvorc, Dec 22

Visualize Your Code's Quality with PhpMetrics

PhpMetrics is a code quality analysis tool that shows you info about your project in a beautifully mathematical way, with intricate graphs and charts!
Lukas White, Dec 20

3 Ways to Implement Embeddable Custom Badges

You know those custom badges, like number of retweets or likes, or someone's StackOverflow score? Here's Lukas White's three ways to make them with PHP!
Bruno Skvorc, Dec 19

No More var_dump - Introducing Symfony VarDumper!

Have you been var_dumping your variables checking for problems? Let's get you rid of that practice, huh? Symfony's VarDumper to the rescue!
Damien Alexandre, Dec 18

Efficient Chinese Search with Elasticsearch

Damien Alexandre does a lot of Chinese content indexing with ElasticSearch. In this post, he'll share some of his knowledge with you.
Wern Ancheta, Dec 17

Getting Started with Medoo - Examples of Use

Wern Ancheta introduces Medoo, a small database abstraction library that aims to make your database related codebase lighter.
Design & UX
Byron Houwens, Dec 15

The UX of Error Messages

In a perfect world we'd never need them, but creating a thoughtful error message UX is one of the best ways to help our users. Byron explains.
Daniel Sipos, Dec 15

AngularJS in Drupal Apps

Drupal 7 can become even more "kitchen sink" if you spice it up with some AngularJS magic. Danny Sipos will show you how in this tutorial!
Lukas White, Dec 12

Writing API Documentation with Slate

Lukas White introduces Slate - a Markdown way of writing your API documentation - and shows you how to publish it to Github pages for free hosting
Chris Ward, Dec 10

7 CRM Options Compatible with Drupal

Ever wanted to add CRM functionality to your Drupal app? Here are 7 of the sanest options to do so, as compiled by Chris Ward.
Nicolas Scolari, Dec 08

Using Traits in Doctrine Entities

Nicolas Scolari demonstrates a well known Traits example on Doctrine entities, showing you they're nothing to be afraid of.
Peter Nijssen, Dec 06

More Useful Jenkins Plugins for PHP Projects

Peter Nijssen installs CSSLint, JSHint and Task Scanner into Jenkins, helping you automate the scanning of your PHP project even further.
Arno Slatius, Dec 05

Interview with Mark Safronov, author of "Web App Development with Yii 2"

Arno Slatius read Mark Safronov's book: Web Application Development with Yii 2 and PHP. Here's an interview with the author on Yii's pros and cons!
Peter Nijssen, Dec 04

Analyzing a PHP Project with Jenkins

Peter Nijssen will run you through the data that Jenkins can return after building and scanning your project, explaining every aspect.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Dec 03

Fighting Spiders and the London Underground Map

Sometimes design genius isn't what you add -- it's what you take away. Henry Beck's London Underground Map tells us a lot about good information design.
Sandeep Panda, Dec 03

Integrated and Collaborative Code Reviewing with Beanstalk

Code review is an essential part of any development team's process. Sandeep Panda explains how to improve the process with Beanstalk's collaborative tools.
Bruno Skvorc, Dec 03

3 Ways to Develop Cross Platform Desktop Apps with PHP

While not exactly good practice, it's good to know desktop apps can be built with PHP. Bruno Škvorc lists three popular ways to do it.