By Harry Fuecks

PHP Conf Lon Live [1]

By Harry Fuecks

So made it back to Britain and met up with the PHP London group last night as the warm up to todays conference.

PHP UG London

All I can say is if you’re in London and not getting to the PHP London meetups, you’re missing out. Aside from being a fun social – a PHP usergroup tends to attract a “higher level” of nerd (as in just like regular people… well almost) than your Linux user group – there’s some very switched on guys here, making their livings off PHP and web development in an expensive city. Attendance varies but usually ten regulars on a low turn out up to 30 on a good night (like when Rasmus drops by). Have to mention Demian Turner of PHP Kitchen who I’ve been wanting to meet for a long time.

They’re also in touch, one way or another, with most of the web “scene” happening in London – so even if you’re not a PHP developer, if you’re in web development in general, it’s worth getting in touch. Marcus tells me they’ve also started (unexpectedly) attracting hangers-on in the form of headhunters, desperate for PHP developers – apparently big demand in London

Further respect for getting the conference organised.

PHP Conference Started

Anyway – “live” blogging. Conference started. More than 160 visitors, which is amazing for the first significant UK PHP conference.


Derick is giving is eZ components talk right now…


Thoughts and impressions some other time, when time.

Also ran into Simon who’s attending – more there when I get a chance to talk to him.

  • Update / notes on ez components. Basically it’s in the same kind of league as PEAR packages – a collection of useful libraries for common stuff.

    Probably the two most useful parts, that everyone could agree on is their mail sender (which handles ‘harder to implement’ stuff like encoding headers and charsets) and their image library, which provides an independent API to stuff like GD and imagemagick and makes it very easy to do powerful “stuff” with images, like a transform that converts color to black an white.

    There’s a bunch of other cool stuff but may have less broad appeal (e.g. there’s a template engine in there)

  • OK – not going to create extra blog entries for each talk. Pavel’s talk was interesting. Not going to try to explain dependendancy injection right now but the PHP implementation of Picocontainer looks good – as in it’s well suited to PHP and what makes PHP special. It’s also used on a large code base in a web portal in Poland.

  • Ivo Jansch

    I’m enjoying the conf so far. Pavel’s talk contained some eye openers, it was very interesting, despite the microphone problems. As for Derick’s talk, to be honest, I’m a bit dissapointed about what ezComponents is. Will blog about that later, I just thought it would be more of a framework than a set of components. I want to have a chat with Derick about it, hope he has some time to spare.

    Looking forward to your Ajax talk.

  • akrabat

    Just got back from the conference and thought it was excellent. The social last night was good too – makes me wish I lived in London!

    I was going to comment more, but decided to put my thoughts as a post on my blog instead as it got a bit long…

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