By Kevin Yank

O’Reilly Launches CodeZoo

By Kevin Yank

O’Reilly has just launched CodeZoo, a new site to catalogue, distribute, rate, and offer tips for free software components. The site has been launched with a catalogue of free Java components, but O’Reilly is seeking feedback about what other languages/platforms should be featured.

Visitors to the site can submit tips and reviews of any of the components listed, or suggest components to be reviewed by O’Reilly staff for inclusion in the directory. The site provides Atom feeds for each of the components in its catalogue so that you can keep up with tips and new releases posted by the community.

I’ll be interested to see how this site evolves. At the moment, it’s a bit underwhelming, but if O’Reilly manages to attract a decent community by setting high editorial standards and offering more ways to keep up-to-date on the latest free software components, it could be a winner.


  • On my browser, there seems to be something funny with the CodeZoo link. it works fine, but the advert above it highlights with the link when I mousover it. Bizarre. CodeZoo looks like a great concept though – thanks!

  • Dr Livingston

    Yep, this one could be interesting and I look forwards to seeing it in PHP as well, though one thing that puzzles me is, why can it ‘codezoo’?

    This name is something a child could have thought of, or maybe I just expect slightly more from an online publisher huh…

  • I think a name like “CodeZoo” is chosen because it is more memorable and brandable than some generic name. Brandability is probably thought to have more value than sounding “professional” or un-childlike.

  • AC

    Great Resource

  • GS

    Ever notice that the cover of many of the O’Reilly books that many of us use everyday have a distinctive cover element of a decidedly zoological nature?

  • orbitalgroup

    Definitly looking forward to a .NET version of this.

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