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How Conferences Feed the Hype Cycle

Lots of great conferences have lots of great speakers. But does the lack of everyday developers speaking about their experiences feed the...
Nicolai Parlog, 3 days ago

The Dangers of Race Conditions in Five Minutes

A race condition occurs when multiple threads mutate shared state such that the outcome depends on how exactly the threads' operations...
Ivan Mushketyk, 5 days ago

How Does the Default hashCode() Work?

Java's Object class has a hashCode() implementation. But what does it do? Where do the values, often mistakenly assumed to be memory...
Galo Navarro, Feb 10

In Praise of Laziness

Java is known as a strict language regarding references and method arguments. It's however possible (and very useful) to implement...
Pierre-Yves Saumont, Feb 06

Java Module System Hands-On Guide

In this post we'll take an existing demo application and modularize it with Java 9. If you want to follow along, head over to GitHub,...
Nicolai Parlog, Feb 02

Java's Switch Statement in Three Minutes

Java's switch statement allows easy selection of execution paths based on a variable's value. Switches can replace if-else-if chains.
Nicolai Parlog, Feb 01
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Using CDI/Weld to Inject JPA/Hibernate Entity Managers

A tutorial on how to use Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) / Weld and Hibernate in the development of a full-blown JPA application.
Alejandro Gervasio, Jan 30
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