By Kevin Yank

News Wire: We’re Back!

By Kevin Yank

With Simply JavaScript, the book I co-wrote with Cameron Adams, officially off to print, I’m now able to resume publication of the SitePoint News Wire. Thanks to those who continued to submit links during the downtime. Enjoy!

Got a link you’d like to recommend for the SitePoint News Wire? Great! Save the link on del.icio.us, and tag it for:sitepointlinks. Please include a description—it will increase the chances that we’ll select your link for the News Wire!


  • malikyte

    The button element…I never thought to try adding CSS to that. Wonderful idea! I think the first and only time I ever used it was with obtrusive JavaScript, when I was first learning so many years ago. This reintroduction to its uses is great. Thanks for sharing!

    The OpenID is also a wonderful insight. I think this return of the News Wire has given me the most bookmarks of any entry yet. Welcome back, News Wire!

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