Jun 27, 2006 News Wire

By Kevin Yank
  • A nice introduction to Xyle scope, a DOM/CSS debugging tool built on Safari’s WebKit rendering engine.
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  • This series of fifteen free tutorials explains how to build a robust data access layer for an ASP.NET 2.0 application. Each tutorial is available in C# and VB.NET versions, and can be downloaded as a PDF.
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  • According to this blog post, an 8-bit PNG file will be smaller than the equivalent GIF file if that GIF is larger than 4KB.
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  • Slick service that provides a chat facility for visitors to any page on the Web. The AJAX -powered chat interface floats over the page, or can be docked to the side of the browser window.
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  • Molly Holzschlag calls for a common code of practice for the way web professionals do business.
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  • A nice article describing some of the effects of various colors when used in web design. Provides a decent introduction to the various types of color combinations that can be found using a color wheel as well.
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  • With Googles GBuy payments system reportedly on the verge of launch, more details are beginning to emerge. Apparently you’ll be able to click on a product with a GBuy icon in AdWords ads and go direct to checkout.
  • A really nice introduction to Google Web Toolkit, focusing on building client-side functionality (i.e. no AJAX).
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  • Roger

    Flex 2 is out of beta and Flash 9 Preview is in at labs.adobe.com
    Seems to be a one more push for RIA world, isn’t it?

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