Jul 12, 2006 News Wire

By Kevin Yank
  • Google pledges to reimburse affected publishers.
  • Nice tutorial showing how to expose a PHP XML-RPC service with HTML documentation and support for JSON requests and responses.
  • Pundits predict that Java EE 5 (or, for the purposes of this article, Enterprise JavaBeans 3) will have no place in the enterprise world five years from now. Though some points are interesting, the analysis is tenuous, and rests on unproven SOA ideals.
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  • A Risk-inspired, AJAX-laden strategy game built with Dojo and DWR. This will eat your whole day right up.
  • A robust solution to the problem of executing JavaScript as soon as the page is ready (but before images are fully loaded) when using the Protoype library for JavaScript. Inspired by a similar solution developed for the jQuery library.
  • An interesting pattern that uses an AJAX request to load data that will take a while to retrieve/generate, while a standard page refresh loads what is immediately available, thereby increasing perceived responsiveness.
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  • Google Maps now supports zooming in and out using the mouse wheel. It would be interesting to see how they implemented this — whether they rely on simple JavaScript mouse events, or if it’s something trickier.
  • The DHTML port of Lemmings is available again, but may not be for long. Check it out while you can!
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  • Bryan Veloso reminds us that you’re able to apply CSS properties to the html element of a document, not just the body. Depending on the situation and required browser support, this can cut down on the need for “wrapper divs”.
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  • A more rational breakdown of the points against Java EE 5 made in Richard Monson-Haefel’s controversial report. I agree with most of them, but I don’t believe these are terminal flaws, nor is there a convincing alternative.
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  • If BrowserCam’s browser testing service is something you’d use if you could afford it, this offer lets you rustle up 20-25 friends and together you’ll each get one year of access for the cost of one day.
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  • Though it won’t be built into Vista, Windows PowerShell (aka Monad) will be released separately before long (currently RC1) and is worth your attention if you work on Windows. This absolute beginner’s guide is a fun place to start.
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  • Providing a more usable interface than popular AJAX demo-fodder Meebo, Kool IM launches its AJAX multi-protocol, in-browser instant messenger client. It lets you log into all major IM services from a single browser window.
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  • I need to do this about once every six months, but whenever I do it’s a huge headache. .NET source code provided for the curious, as well.
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