Jul 10, 2006 News Wire

By Kevin Yank
  • A slick little PHP class that can take a MySQL database query result set and convert it to JSON format for transmission to a browser via AJAX.
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  • The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has just published a list of the top five most common security vulnerabilities in web applications, based on Bugtraq data from 2005.
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  • A free server monitoring service with an open API and a variety of neat widgets.
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  • The new release of this MVC framework for Perl rapid web application development brings improved documentation, extensible ActionClass templates, chained action URLs, and simpler distribution packaging.
  • A PHP coder with too much time on his hands implements a “Wolfenstein 3D”-era 3D graphics engine in PHP.
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  • Nineteen obscure-but-useful features of Rails that even the pros sometimes forget.
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  • Having problems with form submissions, particularly file uploads in Safari? This obscure bug to do with hidden form fields might be the cause.
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