How Not to Be Boring

Alyssa Gregory

Many of us thrive on routine. We have a very specific way we manage each day and we tend to become accustomed to doing things that way. This isn’t to say that we aren’t frequently thrown off-track, but most of us have a preference for how each day will go down.

This type of routine, whether it’s deliberate or not, can help us become more productive and efficient. But, it can also make us more susceptible to falling into a rut. And when we hit that rut, we may become somewhat…well, boring.

Here are some ways to increase your interesting factor and avoid the boring stigma.

Go for the Unpredictable

Spontaneity is a great way to make yourself more interesting, especially if you are usually a slave to your schedule. Try breaking free by doing something unexpected, saying something out of character or acting on impulse.

Focus on Conversations

Taking a conversational tone versus a presentational tone can certainly make you less boring. This means asking more questions, listening closely and focusing on creating an ongoing dialogue.

Be Original

Instead of following the masses – whether it’s through your marketing activities, daily planning process, or networking methods – find your own path. Think outside the box for new ideas and new ways to do the usual things to make yourself more interesting.

Take a Stand

If you’re in the mood for some constructive debate, take a stand on a popular issue and let it be known. You will certainly be able to avoid becoming boring by proclaiming your viewpoint on a well-debated mainstream issue. Just be sure you’re ready to back it up.

Show Your Silly Side

Everyone loves a good laugh. Be the comic relief for the day by being just a bit goofy. Not only will it show how interesting you really are, but it can also make you more endearing and approachable.

Teach Something

You have a lot of know-how in your brain, and it may be time to share it. Provide some little-known tips, advice or tools to help others learn something valuable. If you do this on a regular basis, you’re sure to avoid the boring title.

Get Personal

When was the last time you shared something personal with your clients, colleagues or friends? Tell a story, describe an experience you’ve had, or share something not too many people know about you. This can help you strengthen your relationships and show how interesting you really are.

What do you do to remain interesting and avoid being boring?