Ok, so I will now officially classify myself as a theorist, as mot of my post here are about what/how something could be done rather than how to fix specific code for a specif page. I am trying to figure a different way to semantically style buttons and I wonder if it can be done at all.

We started working on < form > and I thought it was interesting that you had a< button > tag which , as its name implies , made a button of a default style with whatever text you put within the tags. The "default button graphic" remains the same unless you change any of the attributes of the button , other than "color:" with CSS. So if you ad a border or change background, background-color, etc the button will become a rectangle box. Conversely , I have noted that the default style "graphic" for buttons is fluid ... you can have a nearly infinitely long text within the button tags and it will be contained in the button ( tho it it will NOT retain endcaps if it has to grow vertically). If you put NO TEXT within the button tags you get essentially two encaps together.

What this indicates to me is that the BUTTON tags has, by default, something akin to a "sliding door" default style to make the button horizontally fluid. Of course once you even begin to style the button with CSS these graphic seem to go away. you can place a graphic of your own, but now you must know the EXACT dimensions of the button for the graphic to be effective. Is there knot a way to replace the ORIGINAL default style graphics, which I as I have theorized must be in two parts , like a sliding door .. WITHOUT the use of an extra tag wrapped around or withing the button. After all the original button stilling MUST have had this behaviour inbuilt by default.

Am I way off here?