Domain Vs SubDomain

Hello Every One,

Its been a long time sicne I have posted. I am facing a decision issue with one of our website.

Option 1: Should I focus on building an audience on the subdomain before developing the SaaS app on

Option 2: Should I prioritize building an audience on the main domain first, and then develop the SaaS app on once I have sufficient traffic? I’m struggling to make a decision.


:imp: Why not have them both on the same domain? I generally find it really alloying when I get shunted from a domain to a subdomain.

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Initially it is is easy to host a blog on wordpress, but saas are built on diffreent technologies and requires difrrent servers to host, but I too agree with your suggestions also.

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Yes, fair enough. It can work, though. For example, the forums here run on a different CMS from the rest of the site, but they were moved to the main domain years ago ( to and I prefer it that way.

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Got It. Now please advise what would you have done you would have used as blog site and as saas or as saas and as content, and if you can shed reason behind decision.

Is the purpose of your site to be a blog, or is the purpose of the site to be an app?

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Both constant content creation will be an ongoing practice to bring traffic, and app will be to generate money.

That’s not an answer.
Why does the site exist?

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Eventually to monetize through saas based services.

So you have answered your own question.

If you don’t have the app, focusing on the blog only slows down your site’s purpose.

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Is not addressing an issue when our subdomain is flagged as spammy is much easier compared to when our main domain faces the same problem? This scenario could occur despite our best efforts. For instance, a user might unintentionally trigger the sending of 10,000 emails, or our domain could be spoofed in a phishing scam. These situations are unpredictable, and websites can sometimes be blacklisted without any malicious intent on the part of the website owner.

That sounds like a design problem with the site.

This is completely beyond your control, and also is unrelated to whether you use a subdomain or not. You’re pretty much at the mercy of the people who “flagged as spammy” to recognize a spoofed email.


These days a proper SPF and DKIM set-up is a must. Without it most email providers won’t accept any mail from you. With it you have some protection from spoofing, which should help safeguard you against being flagged as spam, unless you are actually spamming that is.

That is certainly a design problem to be fixed, not a scenario to be worked around.

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What kind of servers can handle both, and would be it easy to handle two different kindof CMS at same server, and are such servers cost efficient: and Normally WP higjly scallable websites are parked at wordpress VIP, Kinsta, wpengine etc because Godaddy/hostgator shared serves dont have capacity to handle scalable traffic.