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A place for those new to web design to ask questions about where to begin, what's involved, and where to turn next. No question is too simple!


Tell us about your weekends, hobbies, travel and pets. Discuss computer hardware and software issues, industry news, careers and education … pretty much anything goes—except politics or religion, of course!


Show off your work! Whether it's a website you're particularly proud of, a library you'd like to show the world, or another non-commercial project you worked on, this is the place to talk about it.


Questions relating to page structure and layout—from HTML5 and the proper use of elements to styling issues, browser bugs, media queries and responsive design.


The world's most ubiquitous computing runtime, used for everything from client-side scripting to multi-threaded, server-based apps. Learn how to use the language plus the numerous libraries and frameworks that are based upon it.


PHP has established itself as the Open Source programming language of choice for many developers. Need help with your program? Trying to fix a tricky parse error?


Get up to speed with this Object Oriented scripting language, find out which gem does what and learn about the full-stack framework that's provided by Rails.


Development for mobile devices. Post here in relation to iDevices (iPhone / iPod / iPad), Android, Blackberry, WinMo, Nokia, or any other related platforms.

Design & UX

Discuss issues to do with general web design, graphic design, graphics, UI, UX and other front-end related technologies that don't have a specific category of their own.


Learn how to build and manage a Business. Discuss your problems, solutions, successes and failures.

CMS & WordPress

Content management system-related questions, customizations, SEO, plug-ins and user-submitted tips/tricks for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many others.

General Web Dev

A place to discuss programming and development issues in general (including languages that don't have a specific category of their own).


Using a database such as MySQL, Oracle or SQLite to store your website's data? Learn about common issues and pitfalls, the correct use of indexes, normalisation and much more.


Whether it be photography, audio, video, copy or something else altogether, this category is for all the content that makes your website interesting.

Server Config

Discuss how to configure your servers, sites, security and rewriting URLs for your sites.


Talk about domain registrars and how to secure the perfect name for you or your company.

Social Media

Trying to build an online community or marketing avenue? Find the tools, tips and advice you need to create a successful social media presence.


Discuss how to use the .NET languages and components effectively and efficiently whilst developing in Visual Studio, Mono, or the next big thing for .NET development.


Ask questions about helping users to access sites and use the web regardless of circumstances—be they blind, or unable to use a mouse, or just unfamiliar with a website and its contents.


Find out what you need to know about the different types of hosts and how to pick a reputable and suitable hosting provider to suit your needs.


Discuss everything from viral marketing to offline branding and promotion. Learn how to target your efforts to get the best return on your investment, whether it be through SEO, affiliate marketing etc.

Python, Perl and Golang

Discussion about Python, the popular interpreted language for web, scientific and mathematical programming; Perl, a flexible interpreted language; and Golang, an expressive, concurrent, garbage-collected programming language.

SitePoint Tutorials

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Alibaba Cloud Services

Discussion around Alibaba Cloud Services, setting up your cloud application, database configuration, application deployment, server configuration, performance, and networking tips are just among the many aspects that could be discussed in this category.