Reverse Search

Hello there,

I would like to be able to do a reverse search. I’ve no clue if this is doable. Just to be clear it isn’t about my website.

Let me explain: the search bar inside a website lets you enter a word and it will then load a new webpage with all related stats for that word.
Coding wise the stats and the word consist of plain text inside an element (<p>, <h>, etc)

To put into perspective, let’s say I want to find all the Companies (word) that got between 15% - 30% Market Share (stat) and between 5% - 10% Revenue (stat).

Companies 1,2,3 have 20% MS and 3% RV, while Company 4 has 20% MS and 6% RV.
Only the webpage for Company 4 will be displayed.

Is this possible to do this using Google search, a program, or by any other mean ? If something isn’t clear, let me know.

Thanks alot

Is it doable? Theoretically, you could reverse-build the site’s database of stats and then create your own search based on that data.

Is it legal/ethical? Entirely depends on the site/data you’re trying to access.