By Chrispian Burks

Feedburner Acquired by Google

By Chrispian Burks

According to Techcrunch the rumor that Google is buying Feedburner is now official. Until Google or Feedburner posts it, it’s still a rumor to me! But considering the source it looks like this deal is going through in the next 2-3 weeks. I’ve already seen talk about people wanting to leave just because Google is buying them, though I’m not sure why. When did Google buying a company become such a bad thing?

I don’t think too much will change with the Feedburner service. Google tried to start their own feed advertising program and it fizzled pretty quickly. This is likely an attempt by Google to try and get back into that market. Feedburner also offers CPM based ads which is another good fit for Google who has been expanding their ads in that area lately. Hopefully this won’t mean they’ll replace the CPM ads with the Adsense contextual ads that seem to be doing worse and worse for many publishers.

The other features Feedburner offers, like publishing your RSS feeds and providing usage statistics is another perfect fit for Google. They gain access to all those feeds which will I’m sure will be used on their blog search, among other things. Google may even be able to provide some even better reporting through their Analytics program (previously Urchin).

What do you think Google buying Feedburner means for the future of the service?

  • jack

    In the past years everybody talk bad about Microsoft dominating the market thats why a lot liked google and the open source however; i see google moving in the same direction.

    With this news and i am sure many will come form google the WWW will change to become smaller and smaller in a sense of owned by few companies only.

    good news for Google Bad for WWW, time will prove what i claim.

  • Anonymous

    @jack what do you expect google is a company they want one thing to be profitable, just like any other business in the world.

  • jack

    i guess you are right.

  • jack

    i guess you are right.
    Companies never cared about anything but more profit.

  • linkin99

    From Googles perspective, it’s a good fit (as you’ve already explained). From a Feedburner users perspective, it makes me leary. One one hand, google may decide to make some services that were only supported by a fee free now, so that would be nice. On the other hand, they could go the other way and make some free features fee-based. (I don’t see that happening however.) I guess we’ll all have to wait and see. One things for sure, it’s a smart move by Google.

  • As you all have suggested, I think the main fear is in that Google has become so big and when companies get big their is a certain fear that all they care about is profit. Which I suppose is probably true on some level. I think linkin99 is on track though and that many of Feedburner’s features will become free. I also doubt they’ll start charging for anything. It’s in their best interest to have more people using it rather than having a less but having them pay. I think the odds are this will open up Feedburner more so they can lure more people to using the service with the advanced reporting for free.

  • Danny

    That’s the world of technology for ya, folks! Companies aren’t founded so everyone can sit around on their hands waiting for the paychecks to stop rolling in. Who would’ve thought there would be so much money to be made from a search engine of all things…well…it’s all about marketing no matter what business you are in.


  • vinoth

    I agree with jack as google is totally dominating the earth, and soon many people will relasize it, Microsoft is far better than google.

  • ryannj

    I just want to take a minute to defend business. Most businesses are started because someone figures out a way to make people’s lives better/easier/cheaper/more comfortable. They must turn a profit in order to continue surviving and offering their service to more people. Otherwise, they would quickly implode and would end up helping nobody.

  • “What do you think Google buying Feedburner means for the future of the service?”

    Lower payouts for small publishers. Lower quality control on who they accept into the network.

  • I’ve been using Feedburner for quite a while, and I think this will only make it better. Statistics, numbers, stats… it’s a perfect fit. Google will definitely know how to make that information more useful.

  • I also have to defend businesses and business owners. Businesses want to get bigger and better so they can further their business and social goals. Very few people/businesses get up in the morning and say, “I want to rule the world…” Most people/businesses want to provide a better service for the community. And people pay that back by buying their product and services… People have to buy into it before it becomes successful. and rational people buy into it because they appreciate the service/product business.



  • joshua

    I think that this could benefit both parties in pretty good ways. With the Google and Microsoft battle for search engines and office solutions, this acquiring of feedburner would reach another market with a few million people already contributing. I don’t think feedburner really needs the publicity – they are already well-known in the blogosphere. However, there could be incredible revenue opportunities for both companies. I only hope Google does not saturate our feeds with pointless and annoying advertisements.

    – Joshua Davis

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