Design & UX
Alex Walker, Jun 08

Podcast: Behind the Facebook Logo - A $100 Million Story

Getting paid for your design talents in equity is romantic – but rarely actually pays off. But what if you happened to design the Facebook logo?
Parth Misra, May 18

How to Conduct Cold Email Outreach like a Pro

Parth Misra explains how to increase your cold email outreach response rate, while staying clear of spammy tactics.
Andrew McDermott, Apr 27

6 Unexpected Mistakes That Keep Developers from Getting a Raise

Wondering why you got passed over for a raise after doing a stand-out job? Andrew McDermott explains six mistakes developers make in their careers.
Design & UX
David Attard, Apr 27

6 Tools to Stop Your Devs and Designers Strangling Each Other

Having the best developers and designers on the planet is no good if they aren't on the same page. David has the tools to help you fit them together.
Charles Costa, Apr 25

The 3 SaaS Metrics That Matter (& How to Improve Them)

It's easy to get bogged down with meaningless business metrics. Charles Costa looks at the three you need to watch if you're starting a SaaS business.
Design & UX
Roman Rudnik, Apr 25

How to Boost App Downloads by A/B Testing Icons

Roman Rudnik shows us how to boost app store downloads by A/B testing multiple icon designs in this step-by-step walkthrough.
Design & UX
Valeriia Timokhina, Apr 11

25 Design Conferences That Will Blow Your Mind in 2017

Valeriia Timokhina spills the beans on the best design and UX conferences to attend in 2017. Stay up to date with the latest advancements in your industry.
Daniel Schwarz, Mar 26

How to Leave Your Terrible Job or Project This Year

You've decided it's time to leave a job that isn't paying enough, or is making you miserable. Daniel Schwarz shows you how to leave without burning bridges.
Paul Maplesden, Mar 22

How to Create a Beautiful Portfolio Website with Squarespace

Pau Maplesden shows you how to create a beautiful portfolio website for your freelance business with Squarespace.
Sid Galada, Mar 21

How Much Is My App Worth and How Do I Sell It?

Sid Galada shows you how to valuate your app and sell it when you're ready to move on to the next project.
Paul Maplesden, Mar 10

How to Create Perfect Client Contracts Using Squarespace Forms

Paul Maplesden shows freelancers how to enhance their client contracts and automate their collection with Squarespace.
Akshay Sachdeva, Mar 09

11 of the Best Hosted eCommerce Platforms

We look at ten of the best hosted eCommerce platforms and tell you what you need to know to make a decision.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Mar 08

Introducing Portfolio WordPress Theme – and the Design Decisions Behind it

Good design comes down to 3 or 4 fairly simple decisions at the beginning of a project – and then just carrying them through.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Mar 06

How to Design and Sell Themes (with Success)

Designing and selling themes can be a lucrative business, but there are plenty of pitfalls. Dan's guide will help you avoid the big traps.
Zan Kavtaskin, Mar 02

We Simulated Waterfall, Kanban & Scrum. Which Works Best?

Zan Kavtaskin simulates Waterfall, Kanban, and Scrum project management methodologies, and looks at the impact of 'slack'.
Daniel Schwarz, Feb 28

40+ Free Productivity Dashboards and Templates

Check out these 40+ free templates for business, including for invoices, project management, marketing and more.
Andrew McDermott, Feb 28

How to Become a Better Developer by Coding Less

Andrew McDermott explains a system that helps developers overcome impostor syndrome and developer's block.
Ada Ivanoff, Feb 27

7 Scheduling Tips for Stressed Out Freelancers

Ada Ivanoff looks at seven ways freelancers can manage their schedule better to avoid stress, chaotic time management and burn-out.
M. David Green, Feb 22

Scrum Artifacts: Product Increment

At the end of each sprint, the completed features that were worked on should be added to the product for the sprint demo.
Tim Evko, Feb 21

REST, GraphQL, and Founding a Startup, with Michael Paris and Vince Ning

In this episode of the Versioning Show, Tim and David are joined by Michael Paris and Vince Ning, founders of Scaphold.io, a backend service for GraphQL.
M. David Green, Feb 20

Scrum Artifacts: Velocity and Burndown Charts

velocity is how a scrum team measures the amount of work they can complete in a typical sprint. By tracking the number of story points the team can
M. David Green, Feb 16

Scrum Artifacts: Definition of Done

Declaring a story to be done is a means of verifying that all of its critical aspects have been completed based on the way each team works.
Design & UX
John Barton, Feb 16

An Engineering Manager's Guide to Rebranding

Ever wondered how rebranding works? 99designs Engineering Manager John Barton conveys how to rebrand efficiently and correctly.
Design & UX
Jason Lengstorf, Feb 15

How to Overcome All Your Fears Without Being Brave

 Why are we afraid of safe things, and cheerfully cavalier about things that are actually dangerous? Science (and Jason) has some useful suggestions.