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CloudApp Cheat Sheet


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CloudApp is a tool that allows you to easily create, annotate, and share screenshots, GIFs, and screen recordings with others. It’s an app that belongs in every startup’s toolkit, making day-to-day communication about the product much easier — whether as part of your bug tracking process, or for brainstorming sessions in Slack. It works as follows:

  1. You identify something you need to share visually with others.
  2. You capture the image in the most appropriate way — as a static screenshot, a short GIF, or an extended screen recording. These are known in CloudApp as “drops.”
  3. You annotate the image with text, arrows, emojis, lines, and other shapes to add context and information.
  4. You upload the image and annotation to CloudApp’s service and get a link to the image.
  5. You send/share the link to others — they can then access and review the information, make comments, and act on it.

We’ve created a cheat sheet to help you learn how to use CloudApp’s features and keyboard shortcuts quickly. Keep it at hand on your computer’s desktop or print it out, and you’ll be slinging screenshots efficiently in no time. Grab it here:

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