Simon Julian, Jul 24

IOST Community Hub launched!

The successful launch of IOST testnet — Everest v0.5 triggered a huge response across the IOST community. IOST are excited to announce the official launch of the IOST Community Hub!
SitePoint Team, Jul 23

Explore New Content Monetization Opportunities with NING

This year, NING has launched its long-anticipated monetization platform, designed to enable users to make money from their content.
Christian Krammer, Jul 23

A Friendly Introduction to Flexbox for Beginners

Christian Krammer walks you through the basics of Flexbox, showing how you can use flexbox to lay out specific page elements, and also how flexbox can serve as a handy fallback method in browsers that don't yet support CSS Grids.
SitePoint Team, Jul 22

Introducing Hubs: Learn Modern Development Skills

Figuring out where to start when learning a new web technology can be hard: the sheer amount of material available in a variety of formats can be overwhelming. SitePoint’s new Hubs remedy that issue by providing comprehensive learning destinations on a multitude of web development topics.
Christine Augustus, Jul 22

Learn Project Management Skills with the PMI

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world's leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project management profession.
Bruno Skvorc, Jul 20

Building Ethereum DApps: Voting with Custom Tokens

In this sixth tutorial in his series explaining how to build decentralized applications using the Ethereum blockchain, Bruno takes the DAO to its final form, adding voting, blacklisting/unblacklisting, and dividend distribution and withdrawal, while throwing in some additional helper functions for good measure.
Ahmad Ajmi, Jul 19

An Introduction to the CSS Grid Layout Module

Ahmad Ajmi introduces CSS Grid Layout Module, showing beginner-friendly examples of how to use CSS Grid, as well as discussing current browser support and what to do if you need to support older browsers — from using a mobile-first layout as a fallback, to using other CSS fallbacks and even a polyfill.
Matt Raible, Jul 19

Build a React Native Application & Authenticate with OAuth 2.0

With Okta and OpenID Connect (OIDC), you can easily integrate authentication into a React Native application and never have to build it yourself again.
Kevin Arhelger, Jul 19

How Memory & Disk Performance Affects Your MongoDB Database

Understanding the relationships between various internal caches and disk performance, and how those relationships affect database and application performance, can be challenging. We’ve used the YCSB benchmark, varying the working set and disk performance, to better show how these relate.
Bruno Skvorc, Jul 18

Ethereum DApps: Cross-contract Communication & Token Selling

In this fifth tutorial in his series explaining how to build decentralized applications using the Ethereum blockchain, Bruno shows how to add the ability for participants to buy tokens from the DAO and to add submissions into the story.
Bruno Skvorc, Jul 16

Building Ethereum DApps: Whitelisting & Testing a Story DAO

In this fourth tutorial in his series explaining how to build decentralized applications using the Ethereum blockchain, Bruno takes the first steps towards developing a Story DAO, covering whitelisting and testing.
SitePoint Team, Jul 12

4 Handpicked Design & Dev Collaboration Tools You Should Know About

If you're a web designer or developer, your work involves some teamwork and collaboration. Even when you're working on a personal project it never hurts to have someone you can rely on. You might need somebody for guidance, assistance, or fresh ideas.
Bruno Skvorc, Jul 12

Ethereum DApps: Compiling, Deploying, Testing TNS tokens

In this third tutorial in his series explaining how to build decentralized applications using the Ethereum blockchain, Bruno looks at how to compile, deploy, test and verify a TNS token, which is compatible with all exchanges and can be used as a regular ERC20 token.
Alla Taff, Jul 11

Best Market for WordPress Themes: TemplateMonster or ThemeForest?

TemplateMonster and ThemeForest have proven to be the two leading digital marketplaces selling WordPress templates of top quality. Comparing these two options, which one is a better place to buy themes for your websites?
Lee Brandt, Jul 10

How to Add Auth to Your PWA with Okta and Stencil

Learn how to get started building PWAs with Stencil from Ionic, including authentication for your app via Okta.
Bruno Skvorc, Jul 10

Building DApps with Ethereum: Creating, Deploying TNS Tokens

In this second tutorial in his series explaining how to build decentralized applications using the Ethereum blockchain, Bruno dives right into it and builds and deploys his TNS token — the token users will use to vote on proposals in the Story DAO.
SitePoint Team, Jul 09

30 Awesome Tools for Web Designers & Developers

We're always on the lookout for the best web tools and services available for designers and developers. Using these resources will help you stay competitive in terms of pricing and project delivery dates.
Ahmad Awais, Jul 06

Build Custom Dashboards with MongoDB, Azure & Serverless Functions

I’m building a custom WordPress dashboard for an enterprise client which is powered by React.js on top of Node.js, with MongoDB Atlas as the database.
Bruno Skvorc, Jul 06

Building DApps with Ethereum: App Rules and Blockchain Setup

In this first tutorial in his series explaining how to build decentralized applications using the Ethereum blockchain, Bruno lays out the app's rules and features and sets up the private blockchain, showing how to build your own custom Ethereum token with or without an accompanying DAO and app.
SitePoint Team, Jul 05

8 of the Best WordPress Themes for Your Portfolio

It's not at all difficult to build a decent design portfolio. But if your business depends on how you choose to showcase your work, "decent" usually won't cut it.
Tonino Jankov, Jul 04

HTTP/2: Background, Performance Benefits and Implementations

Tonino Jankov covers the background, performance benefits and current implementations of the HTTP/2 protocol.
Ahmed Bouchefra, Jul 03

Performance Auditing: A Firefox Developer Tools Deep Dive

Ahmed Boucherfra provides an in-depth guide to making use of the performance-related tools within Firefox's developer tools.
Bruno Skvorc, Jul 03

Using Puppeth, the Ethereum Private Network Manager

Brunk Skvorc introduces Puppeth, a one-stop shop of blockchain service management tools that allow you to start developing smart contracts with ease and deploy them to your test blockchain through your local version of MyEtherWallet or the MetaMask integration of Remix.
Bruno Skvorc, Jul 02

Improving Performance Perception: On-demand Image Resizing

Image Resizing: Bruno Škvorc shows how to modify a multi-image gallery blog to serve resized versions of images depending on the size of the viewport.